2016 News

Sandy Dechert from CleanTechnica writes a glowing recommendation of Dr. Mann's new book, The Madhouse Effect

Nexus Media and ThinkProgress discuss how Dr. Mann and Tom Toles teamed up on their book The Madhouse Effect on how climate denial is making the world crazy. 

Ian Johnstan the environmental correspondent for Indpendent.co sheds light on Britain's prestigious royal societies's beliefs on global warming. Dr. Mann is quoted.

Brian Kahn and Andrea Thompson name the important climate questions that they believe the next President should answer. Dr. Mann poses a question as well. 

Robert Abele of the L.A. Times Reviews Leonardo DiCaprio's new climate change movie. Dr. Mann is mentioned in the article. 

Josh Brodesky of My San Antonio wrote an article on Congressman Lamar Smith and how he is a climate change skeptic yet also the head of the House Science committee. 

Oliver Millman from The Guardian discusses how climate scientists are looking for climate change to come up in the Trump v Clinton presidential debates.

Dan Zukowski writes for EcoWatch about Senator Marco Rubio's conitnued denial of human-caused climate change. Dr. Mann's science is mentioned

Jack Dresser for The Register-Guard writes about the importance of the climate change crisis in the election. Both parties are not addressing the problem correctly. 

This article for the Columbia University Press Blog is a modified version of an article for the Washington where Post Dr. Mann and Tom Toles name the 9 most prominent climate deniers. This article has Donald J. Trump at number 1. 

Stefan Rahmstorf conducts a Q&A about the issues discussed in the Reykjavik Arctic Circle Assembly on RealClimate.org 

Read and Listen to Dr. Mann's interview on NPR Science Friday at the links below. 

John Hocevar writes for Greenpeace about the conflict between the extreme weather occuring and the push back from climate deniers.


In an article written my Denise Robbins for Media Matters she discusses how many of the broadcast network's evening news programs did not address climate change in their coverage of Hurricane Matthew. Dr. Mann is mentioned.

Lacy Cooke of Inhabit.com writes about how Hillary Clinton and Al Gore believe that Hurricane Matthew was worsened because of human caused climate change. Dr. Mann is quoted agreeing with Clinton and Gore's beliefs on this issue in an article written by Lacy Cooke for inhabitat.com.

In an article written for fastcoexist.com, Jessica Leber discusses why voters in Florida are starting to prioritize environmental concerns after the Hurricane and other disastrous environmental events and how politicians on both sides are finally listening. 

Oliver Milman from The Guardian discusses findings of research into hurricanes, the spread of wildfires, and the early arrival of spring show that America is already deep into the impacts of climate change. 

Randy Showstack writes for Eos about the Republican presidential candidate sollution of clean coal to fix climate change. Trump also attacked regulation on energy production by the Environmental Protection Agency. Dr. Mann commented on the debate.

Phil Plait with Slate.com warns voters against voting for climate change deniers. He encourages people to look into candidates at all levels. Dr. Mann agrees. 

Climate change may be behind the rise in extreme events, say scientists and the numbers support that relationship in an article written by Eva Botkin-Kowacki for The Christian Science Monitor.

John Schwartz writes for The New York Times about Katharine Hayhoe. Dr. Hayhoe is a climate scientist who works to spread the word about climate change in Texas.

Andrew Seifter discusses whether or not climate change will come up in the second presidential debate and its importance in the election.

Thom Hartmann writes for Alternet about the climate change crisis. He explains how storms like Hurricane Matthew are becoming stronger and more severe. Dr. Mann's quote to the Huffington Post is quoted. 

Phil Plait writes for Slate about the damage Hurricane Matthew could do to the NASA space station in Florida. Dr. Mann's research explaining how global warming has strengthened this storm is used in this article.

A new study says that without 'negative emissions' to help return atmospheric CO2 to 350 ppm, future generations could face costs that 'may become to heavy to bear'. 

In this article written by Lydia O'Connor for The Huffington Post she discusses how unusual it is to have a storm like this to hit in October proving that climate change has a great impact on severe weather. Dr. Mann's science is mentioned. 

The summer heat continues to break records and affecting all outdoor sports, but how will the rising temperatures change baseball. Dr. Mann's climate science is mentioned in the article. 


Global warming is said to be bringing temperatures last seen during an interglacial era, when sea level was 6-9 meters (20-30ft) higher than today. Dr. Mann's science is mentioned in the article by Oliver Milman in The Guardian. 

Dr. Mann writes for The Huffington Post about the dangers Presidental candidate Donald Trump poses to the environment. 

Climate change damage is happening so rapidly that the Paris treat goals for limiting warming may already be unattainable.

Dr. Mann's science and new book are mentioned in this article in the Knoxville News Sentinel written by Gregg Zoroya. 


Bobby Magill of Climate Central discusses the importance of reservoirs in climate change. According to a new study the world's reservoirs are resposnible for 1.3 percent of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

An exhaustive look back at Earth's climate history suggests global warming may be worse than we thought. Dr. Mann's research is mentioned in this article by Andrew Freedman on mashable.com. 

Joe Romm from ThinkProgress discusses how the world just survived the hottest summer in thousands of years. Dr. Mann's science is quoted in this article. 

It is too late to prevent the warming of the globe, but with some quick and tough action we can slow it down. Dr. Mann's science is mentioned in this article by Gregg Zoroya in USA Today.

In this article about the carbon dioxide/climate argument, Tom Toles mentions the book he and Dr. Mann wrote together, The Madhouse Effect. Linked the the article is an excerpt from the book.

Emily Schwartz Greco from Moyers & compnay writes about things that can be done to get the country on a renewable energy track. Dr. Michael Mann is quoted in the article.

Michael Mann writes for EcoWatch listing his most prominent climate deniers. 

Dr. Mann wrote an article for the Huffington Post on the the hypocrisy behind climate deniers.

Natasha Geiling from Think Progress discusses the climate repercussions of Donald Trump newest economic policy.The plan, released Thursday, shows an extreme lack of climate action. For example he completely eliminates the Clean Power Plan. Dr. Mann's opinions on Trumps climate change positions are quoted in the article.

In an article on ABC News, Seth Borenstein discusses yet another ominous signal of global warming.

This summer the sea ice in the arctic shrank to the its second lowest level since scientists started to monitor it. Dr. Mann is quoted in the article.

Oliver Milman of The Guardian discusses a study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which discovered that human-derived rising temperatures increased the risk of the natural disaster in Louisiana by at least 40%

In an article about Hurricane Hermine over the weekend, Fox News acknowledged the impacts of climate change. Hours later they went back on the message and erased all mentions of global warming from the piece. Dr. Mann is mentioned.

Scientists, including Dr. Michael Mann, believe that the sea level rise caused by global warming is creating more flooding after major storms like hurricane Hermine this week.

This article gives the latest details on tropical storm Hermine.Dr. mann is quoted.

One of the nation's largest utility companies, Dominion Resources, deserves greater scrutiny for their ties to climate deniers.

The Energy and Policy Institute recently learned some surprising details about the companies vice president and his ties to climate skeptics and his opinions on heat trapping emissions. Dr. Mann is quoted in the article. 

Vanessa Schipani from factcheck.org discusses how Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein over inflated facts about sea level rise.

She cherry-picked the findings of a disputed study and cliamed that global warming would cause sea levels to rise on average "many yards" in the next fifty years. However it is the scientific consensus that the rise will most likely be 0.33 to 1.3 yards by 2100. Dr. Mann's science is mentioned in this article

Gretel Kauffmann writes for The Christian Science Monitor, discussing how scientists have found proof that man-made climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions can started as far back as the mid-1800s. It was previously tracked back to the late 1800s. Some scientists, including Dr. Michael E. Mann, do not agree with the findings.

In a recent paper, Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Stephan Lewandowsky show off their different viewpoints on how scientists and the public should interact to ensure the accuracy of sctinific studies. This article from EcoWatch summarizes their points. 

Andrew Freedman connects the dots of 2016's extreme summer weather.

Some scientists, including Dr. Mann say that the extreme weather events of 2016 show how deadly global warming can be.

Climate scientists Michael Mann discusses how the recent floods in Lousiana, West Virginia, Ellicot City are becoming the norm.