2018 Selected Commentaries


The Online version of Michael E. Mann's Politico op-ed with hyperlinks!


Dr. Mann's Newsweek opinion piece on President Trump's lack of climate change plan.

The Washington Post

Dr. Mann's commentary in The Washington Post explains how climate change played a roll in the extreme weather this summer.

The Guardian

Dr. Mann's latest op-ed in The Guardian discussing the most recent hurricane.

Scientific American

On the 20th anniversary of the graph that galvanized climate action, it is time to speak out boldly.

New Scientist

We can’t wait for the next generation to solve the problem of climate change but today’s kids can still be a big force for change, says Michael E. Mann.

The New York Times

In a world increasingly dominated by fake news, museums should stand as sanctuaries of truth and science. To do so, a natural-history museum must be accurate, faithful to the facts and trusted by the public.